About the Design

Each year the students of Cuyahoga Community College’s Web Design and Development students build a website for a local non-profit, charitable organization. In the Fall of 2014, The Middleburg Heights Food Pantry agreed to work with the students to re-create a new website that would be attractive, easy to use and easy to update. Then, the students of Spring 2015, continued the process, finishing the building, transferring and final details. It is now updated and maintained by the pantry volunteers and by various students and faculty.

In 2019, we revisited and updated the site. At some point it will need a complete overhaul! Hopefully we will be there to help out again.

About the Web Program at Tri-C.

You can find more information about Tri-C’s Web Design & Development programs on the college website, at these links:

…or contact one of the professors below.

The Original Student Participants

Billy Davis

Billy is a Visual Communication/Graphic Design (VCGD) student who will be graduating Spring of 2015. Billy designed the logo that the pantry has now adopted as their own. Also, the design and layout he submitted for the overall site became the bones of the site you see.

Find Billy on LinkedIn, or via email.

Alicia Johnson

Alicia is a Visual Communication/Web and Interactive Media (VCIM) student at Cuyahoga Community College. She is set to graduate May of 2016 with an Associates Degree. Her dedicated contributions to this site include a great deal of the code, but also the warm feeling created by the background bread and the rich color palette. Her career goal is to pursue a successful career in the field of front end development that will allow her to continue to grow and utilize her passion for web dev and coding.

Find Alicia on LinkedIn, or via email at aliciajo959@gmail.com

Andrew Koszkalda

Andrew is a graduate from the Visual Communication/Graphic Design (VCGD) program and is currently pursuing credits towards a Web Design Certificate, both through Cuyahoga Community College. Andrew was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but recently moved to Los Angeles to follow his passion for design with broader and more abundant opportunities. In his spare time, he enjoys skateboarding, videography, and exploring his new surroundings in LA.
In addition to design, Andrew’s diligent work on the site kept the documentation of the entire process orderly and gorgeously presented.

Contact Andrew on LinkedIn, or view his portfolio.

Eric Szabo

Eric is currently enrolled in Cuyahoga Community College, pursuing a dual degree and certificates in 3D Printing and Video Game Development. His dream is to make video games that are widely available across both Mac and PC systems and have immersive stories and worlds in addition to extending his imagination to the physical world with 3D printing. His goal is to find a job he loves and to stick to it.

Eric’s unique contribution to the site is a game that illustrates the costs of items needed by the folks of the food pantry. Hopefully, it will visually explain to donors and potential donors the needs – and costs – of common pantry items.

Find Eric on LinkedIn, or via email at ericszabo744@yahoo.com

Sean Michael Shea

Sean is currently enrolled at Cuyahoga Community College for Web & Interactive Media and will be graduating May of 2015 with an Associates Degree. Although Sean has taken classes in animation, 3d design, 2d design, and mobile design, his main focus of studies was in Web Development. During this project, Sean spent most of his time fixing bugs from the previous team and writing the responsive code. Sean’s goal is to continue his education and obtain a job for Web Development.

You can see more work done by Sean on his personal site Sean’s Portfolio
Find Sean on Linkedin or via email at seanshea1337@gmail.com

Robin Sauer

Robin has a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry for Case Western Reserve University. Robin has been keeping current on Web Design at Tri-C for many years.

Deena Kahn

Deena is a Visual Communication student at Tri-C. Her wonderful sense of color set the tone for the web sites color palette. Deena is also an excellent Illustrator.

You can find Deena on Facebook.

Updates 2017 – Erika Staten

Erika Staten is a proud mother of two.  Her children are her everything. She even went back to college after ten years to set an example for them. She is an avid supporter of autism awareness and acceptance, as her son, is on the autism spectrum. Erika is currently a web development and interactive media design student at Cuyahoga Community College.  She is a lover of all expressive creativity outlets and finds solace in painting, drawing and creating digital art.  Erika aspires to one day be known for her art.

Updates, 2019 – Lindsay Vincent

Lindsay is pursuing an Associate of Business Degree in Web and Interactive Media from Tri-C. Her previous education includes a BS in biology from Cornell University and an MS in genetic counseling from Northwestern University.

Her previous interpersonal experience and medical education, along with her growing web design and development skills will make her very a valuable member of any web team lucky enough to have her.

When not building sites, she enjoys metalsmithing, hiking, and cooking.

Find Lindsay on LinkedIn, or view her portfolio.