Become a Client

New Client Registration Requirements

The Middleburg Heights Food Pantry serves residents of Middleburg Heights & members of Middleburg Heights’ churches.

The following information is required in order to shop at the Middleburg Heights Food Pantry the first time a client registers and annually every July.

  1. A photo ID of each adult in your household. This could be a driver’s license, Ohio photo ID, a passport, etc.
  2. A birth certificate for each child that lives in your household or a school report card listing the child’s name and address.
  3. Proof of your current address, such as, a recent utility bill, bank mortgage payment, etc., in your name at your address.
  4. Income that falls within the limits of the Federal and Ohio guidelines listed in this table:
    Household Size Yearly Income Monthly Income Weekly Income
    1 $23,339 $1,944 $448
    2 $31,459 $2,621 $604
    3 $39,579 $3,298 $761
    4 $47,699 $3,974 $917
    5 $55,819 $4,651 $1,073
    6 $63,939 $5,328 $1,229
    7 $72,059 $6,004 $1,385
    8 $80,179 $6,681 $1,541
    9 $88,299 $7,358 $1,698
    For Each Additional
    Person Add
    $8,120 $677 $156
  5. In addition, for a non-resident/Middleburg Heights church member, you must also bring a form provided by your church stating that you are a member. A note on church letterhead will also be accepted.

Our membership in the Cleveland Foodbank requires everyone to re-establish eligibility each July.